Animal Hospital of Laveen

Veterinary Services in Laveen, Arizona.

Animal Hospital of Laveen.

Our Services.

Animal Hospital of Laveen provides full veterinary services including vaccinations, on-site laboratory
testing, dentistry, routine surgeries, radiology, allergy testing and treatment, prescriptions
diets, parasite control, and client education.

Woman posing with a dog
Checking your pet for health and wellness is one of the most important things you can do for your pet. We recommend routine examinations that help us diagnose, treat and monitor potential health issues that could threaten your pets overall health. Because our pets cannot talk to us, it is important the veterinarian routinely examines your pet.
Our goal is to ensure that your pet lives a happy and healthy lifestyle. Like humans, we should constantly monitor our pets’ health and wellness. It starts with seeing your veterinarian regularly to ensure medical related issues are addressed and supported. Regular exercise and a good diet will optimize your pet’s happiness and vitality.
a dog with its tongue out
Like humans pets need to have their teeth cleaned. Oftentimes pets will suffer the same chronic diseases such as tooth decay or gum disorders. At Animal Hospital of Laveen we have state-of-the-art equipment to help treat and maintain your pets’ oral health. A pet with good dental hygiene will profoundly support the overall health of your pet.
Our doctors have a collective 50 years of experience. Both have performed a variety of surgical procedures…helping hundreds of pets maintain good health and wellness.
RX diet
RX diet
We are especially equipped to provide the products you need to help support your pets’ dietary needs. We carry Purina, Royal Canin and Hill’s prescription diet products. To keep your cost low, we use the manufacturer suggested retail price as our guide.
Strengthening your pets’ immune system is one of the most important steps you can take in their overall wellness and care. At Animal Hospital of Laveen we use vaccinations to protect our fury friends from flu, rabies, parvo and respiratory ailments.
a cat lying on its side
Personalized service
Our motto “Where Excellence In Pet Care Matters Most”, means our staff is dedicated to providing you and your beloved pet the best care possible. We want you to have a delightful experience when you walk through the door. The loving care that our doctors bestow…permeates throughout their interaction with you and your pet.
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